Incontinence and neutering 2

A five-year cohort study was conducted on bitches chosen by a sample of 233 randomly selected practising veterinary surgeons in the UK, to estimate the incidence of acquired urinary incontinence (AUI) in neutered and entire animals, and to investigate possible risk factors associated with neutering practices.  Continue reading Incontinence and neutering 2

Incontinence and neutering

It is still controversial whether a bitch should be spayed before or after the first oestrus. It would be desirable to spay bitches at an age that would minimize the side effects of neutering. With regard to the risk of mammary tumours, early spaying must be recommended because the incidence of tumours is reduced considerably. The aim of the present study was to determine whether early spaying also reduces the risk of urinary incontinence. Continue reading Incontinence and neutering

Research ; neutering and spaying

Research on neutering and spaying

Does neutering and spaying increase or decrease the risk of cancer in dogs and cats? Is early neutering and spaying safe? Research covering these neutering issues are in the following material. To spay or not to spay for overpopulation is mentioned in only one article. Health is a consideration. Here are two articles for and against waiting to neuter, followed by a number of abstract results from journals.: Continue reading Research ; neutering and spaying