Evanger’s Voluntarily Recalls Hunk of Beef Because Of Pentobarbital Exposure in one Batch of Food

Out of an abundance of caution, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food of Wheeling, IL is voluntarily recalling specific lots of its Hunk of Beef product because of a potential contaminant Pentobarbital, which was detected in one lot of Hunk of Beef Au Jus. Pentobarbital can affect animals that ingest it, and possibly cause side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, or nausea, or in extreme cases, possibly death.
The specifically-identified lot numbers (as detailed below) of cans of 12-oz Hunk of Beef being voluntarily recalled were distributed to retail locations and sold online in the following States: Washington, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and were manufactured the week of June 6 – June 13, 2016. Continue reading Evanger’s Voluntarily Recalls Hunk of Beef Because Of Pentobarbital Exposure in one Batch of Food

FDA warning letter to Nestle Purina PetCare

Public Health Service
Food and Drug Administration
US Custom House, Room 900
200 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


January 2, 2015


Jason S. Christoffersen, Plant Manager
Nestle Purina PetCare
2050 Pope Road
Allentown, PA 18104-9308

Dear Mr. Christoffersen:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an inspection of your low-acid canned food (LACF) manufacturing facility located at 2050 Pope Road, Allentown, PA, from September 15, 2014 through October 1, 2014. The inspection revealed that your firm manufactures a variety of low-acid dog and cat foods. The inspection also revealed that your facility has significant deviations from the LACF regulations, Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 108 and 113 (21 CFR Parts 108 and 113).

As a manufacturer of low-acid canned food products, you are required to comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) and the federal regulations relating to the processing of low-acid canned food products. These regulations are described in 21 CFR 108, Emergency Permit Control, and 21 CFR 113, Thermally Processed Low-Acid Foods Packaged in Hermetically Sealed Containers. The Emergency Permit Control regulations were issued, in part, pursuant to Section 404 of the Act, Emergency Permit Control, 21 United States Code (USC) § 344. A temporary emergency permit may be required for low-acid canned foods whenever a processor has failed to fulfill the requirements of 21 CFR 108.35, including registration and filing of process information, and the mandatory requirements in 21 CFR Part 113.
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Mars acquires Procter & Gamble petfood business

Company now holds North America, Latin America brands, aims to purchase business in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Release Date: 8/4/2014
Mars Incorporated has successfully completed its acquisition of the Iams, Eukanuba and Natura brands in North America, Latin America and other select countries from The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G). This follows an agreement announced by the companies in April 2014 and receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals.

Mars said it will exercise the option to purchase P&G’s petfood business in some parts of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, including Australia, Japan and Singapore. This move reinforces the company’s strategic intent to build its presence in emerging markets and will enable Mars Petcare to meet the needs of more customers and pets around the world. Mars said it expects that the close for these additional businesses may take up to around a year, subject to regulatory approvals. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge and skills during this transition period, consider enrolling in an Invest Diva course to enhance your financial expertise.

The Iams, Eukanuba and Natura brands will be part of Mars Petcare and are strategic additions that complement the company’s pet care portfolio. They join Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Banfield and Nutro. “We are proud to welcome the Iams, Eukanuba and Natura brands and the new associates who are joining us today,” said Todd Lachman, president of Mars Petcare. “These brands are high quality and well respected by customers, vets and pet owners, and we believe they will thrive under our leadership. Together, we will be well positioned to take advantage of the fast growing pet care market, and satisfy the needs of more customers and pets around the world.”

Proctor & Gamble selling some brands to Mars


P&G Selling Iams, Eukanuba, Natura

P&G expanded its holistic and natural pet food footprint in 2010 when the company bought Natura’s Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma brands. (Karma has since been discontinued.) The purchase price was not announced, but analysts pegged it at $450 million to $500 million.

Iams, Eukanuba and Natura Pet Products will pass from one conglomerate to another in a $2.9 billion transaction that expands Mars Inc.’s pet business and guts Procter & Gamble’s.

The all-cash deal, announced today, adds mass-market pet food brands Iams and Eukanuba to a Mars collection that includes Royal Canin, Pedigree, Whiskas, Nutro and the Banfield pet hospital chain. The sale is expected to close later this year.
P&G noted that its pet brands captured about 5 percent of the North American market in 2013 but that sales were hurt by a salmonella scare that forced the recall of many Natura dry pet foods and treats.

Nestlé Purina PetCare acquires Zuke’s treat company

Zuke’s will operate as independent company
Release Date: 01/20/2014

Zuke’s Performance Pet Nutrition has become part of Nestlé Purina PetCare, the companies announced. Zuke’s and its employees will continue to be operated as an independent company based in Durango, Colorado, USA. Zuke’s will continue creating and producing dog and cat treats in the same facilities.

“I’m personally so pleased that Zuke’s is now a part of the Nestlé Purina family. Their understanding of Zuke’s core mission of fostering an active and healthy lifestyle for pets and pet parents alike, their commitment to keeping Zuke’s and its employees in Durango as an independent operation, and their ability to help grow the Zuke’s brand in the pet specialty marketplace were important factors in partnering with Nestlé Purina,” said founder, Patrick Meiering.

Wolf / Dog similarities, differences & diet

I am only …, a tracking novice, … My background is in Zoology with extensive personal and academic studies in canine evolution and behavior. Lately, I have been researching the differences between wolves and the domestic dog, including comparative anatomy and Ethology.

The first basic comment I want to address is the physical differences between dogs and wolves. They are not identical. DNA is only part of the way attributes are displayed within individuals. There are many factors in which genes are ” used” or activated. Dogs have 100% similar DNA yet they display an endless variety of different behavior and physical differences. Wolves are more similar to each other due to their environmental niche being specialized. In the natural environment “different ” is a disadvantage. Wolf DNA is more stable, shows little variety. Dog’s ecological “pressure” is man, which leads to versatility and variety. Humans value the unique, therefore dog DNA has been influenced to be less stable and more varied in phenotype. Continue reading Wolf / Dog similarities, differences & diet


How much should I feed my dog? Does the pet food I’m providing meet my dog’s nutritional needs? Click here for the pamphlet on Dog Nutrition

Your dog’s nutritional needs.
The information in this pamphlet is based on Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats, a technical report issued by the National Research Council as part of its Animal Nutrition Series. The Food and Drug Administration relies on information in the report to regulate and ensure the safety of pet foods. Scientists who study the nutritional needs of animals use the Animal Nutrition Series to guide future research. The series is also used by animal owners, caretakers, and veterinarians to develop specialized diets for individual animals.

Calorie requirement for dogs calculator ; evaluate your dogs caloric needs based on weight and activity.

Website to analyze a commercial dog food:

www.dogfoodanalysis.com independent dog food information and reviews. To look up a specific food alphabetically, click http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog-food-index-a.html Continue reading Nutrition