Wolf / Dog similarities, differences & diet

I am only …, a tracking novice, … My background is in Zoology with extensive personal and academic studies in canine evolution and behavior. Lately, I have been researching the differences between wolves and the domestic dog, including comparative anatomy and Ethology.

The first basic comment I want to address is the physical differences between dogs and wolves. They are not identical. DNA is only part of the way attributes are displayed within individuals. There are many factors in which genes are ” used” or activated. Dogs have 100% similar DNA yet they display an endless variety of different behavior and physical differences. Wolves are more similar to each other due to their environmental niche being specialized. In the natural environment “different ” is a disadvantage. Wolf DNA is more stable, shows little variety. Dog’s ecological “pressure” is man, which leads to versatility and variety. Humans value the unique, therefore dog DNA has been influenced to be less stable and more varied in phenotype. Continue reading Wolf / Dog similarities, differences & diet