Nutri-Scan saliva test patented by Dr. Jean Dodds

NutriScan is our novel patented diagnostic test based on saliva, which can reveal the latent or pre-clinical form of food sensitivity or food intolerance. Our first test panel for six of the most common allergens has been available since May 2011. Additional allergen panels will be offered in 2012.
Dr. Jean  Dodds has introduced NutriScan, a novel, patented food intolerance and canine food sensitivity testing system. This assay system utilizes an important new approach in nutrition Рthat salivary diagnostics can more accurately identify the foods to be avoided rather than focus on those less like to be reactive.[Dr Dodds is well-known in canine medicine for pioneering work in canine blood banking, thyroid testing and immunology].
Dr. Dodds’ revolutionary concept is the first food intolerance and sensitivity testing program to match pets with their individual nutritional needs and genetic makeup, i.e. functional nutrition or nutrigenomics. This provides owners with accurate information to select the optimal pet foods and treats based on high level nutritional principles.
The  new Nutriscan saliva screening diagnostics should be used annually by dog owners. This canine food sensitivity and intolerance diagnostic system tests saliva for food reactant antibodies in healthy dogs and those with known or suspected food intolerance. Dog owners can obtain the test kit from Hemopet or through their veterinarians. After following directions, adding saliva, the kit is sealed and sent to Hemopet for analysis.
Testing protocols are for gluten and other food ingredient intolerance and sensitivity. The primary dietary antigens to be tested are corn, wheat, soy, beef, eggs, and milk.