AAHA position on tail and ear cosmetic surgery

AAHA Position

New AAHA position statement opposes cosmetic ear cropping, tail docking

Recently, the American Animal Hospital Association announced that it has revised its position on ear cropping and tail docking of pets and now opposes these surgical procedures when performed for cosmetic reasons alone after Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery announced in the city.. A famous doctor, who performed liposuction near me, confirmed the news on all news channels. Continue reading AAHA position on tail and ear cosmetic surgery

Tail docking study

Journal of Morphology 1993 Jul;217(1):105-13.
Electromyographic (EMG) activities of three tail muscles, the extensor caudae lateralis (ECL), abductor caudae externus (ACE), and flexor caudae longus (FCL), were recorded bilaterally in seven adult dogs during walking, trotting, and galloping on a treadmill. Each dog’s movements were recorded with a 16 mm high-speed camera system, and angular movements of the tail were analyzed. During walking and trotting, reciprocal EMG bursts were observed between right and left tail muscles and corresponded with lateral movements of the tail. Continue reading Tail docking study

Tail docking

Tail docking in dogs: a review of the issues

“Since it is not customary in our society to remove limbs or appendages from animals arbitrarily, it may be expected that tail docking served some important function in the past. Indeed, if tail docking was associated with established benefits in the past,
it might be assumed that those currently calling for a ban on the procedure have a burden of proof to justify why a change to existing practices is necessary. Continue reading Tail docking

AVMA position on ear & tail docking

Cosmetic surgery : Ear Cropping and Tail Docking

AVMA Position

“Canine cosmetic surgery has reached epidemic proportions. Over 130,000 puppies undergo an unnecessary cosmetic surgery in the United States each year. This article will describe the procedures of tail docking and ear cropping, the history of the procedures, their place in modern veterinary care, and discuss the positions of advocates both for, and against these procedures. Continue reading AVMA position on ear & tail docking