Track your dog – TAGG

A great product that I feel comfortable endorsing on the website. I have had Tagg pet trackers for my 2 dogs for several months. This is great if you are concerned about your dog when you are not at home, or when you go out and if he tends to wander. Also, I can imagine this would make you feel more comfortable if you were on vacation and you wanted to check on your dog at home, or if your dog was accompanying you and got away.

The small tracker attaches to your dogs collar. It sends a signal by GPS and overlays that with a Google earth map to locate your dog at any time. If you have an Android phone there is an App that will show the place your dog is at any time. Also, you don’t even need a cell phone to use the tracker, you can log in to check on your dog from any computer. Continue reading Track your dog – TAGG