Doxycycline suspected side effects

Suspected side effects of doxycycline use in dogs – a retrospective study of 386 cases

1. B. S. Schulz, DrMedVet, DiplECVIM-CA1,   2. S. Hupfauer, DrMedVet1,   3. H. Ammer, DrMedVet, DrMedVetHabil2,   4. C. Sauter-Louis, DrMedVet, PhD3 and   5. K. Hartmann, DrMedVet, DrMedVetHabil, DiplECVIM-CA1

This study investigated doxycycline-related side effects in a large population of dogs. Data from 386 dogs that had received doxycycline for the treatment of various infectious diseases were analysed retrospectively. Potential side effects that developed during treatment were documented, and correlations with signalment, dose, duration of treatment, frequency of application, doxycycline preparation and use of additional drugs were investigated. Continue reading Doxycycline suspected side effects