Vaccines schedule

Vaccination Schedules
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FAQs of Vaccines

W. Jean Dodds, DVM

Q. Is there risk of overvaccinating with vaccines not needed for a specific animal ?
A. Yes. Vaccines contain material designed to challenge the immune system of the pet, and so can cause adverse reactions.  They should not be given needlessly, and should be tailered to the pet’s individual needs.

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Canine Influenza Vaccine Found Effective Against Secondary Infections

Recent research by Ron Schultz, professor and chair of the Department of Pathobiological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, has shown the newly approved Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) vaccine to be effective not only in reducing length, severity and spread of the virus, but also in protecting against secondary infections.
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New canine flu vaccine

24 Jun 2009
Canine influenza was first identified in the United States in 2004. Since then, CIV has continued to spread and has now been detected in dogs in 30 states and the District of Columbia, according to Dr. Crawford and Edward J. Dubovi, Ph.D., Professor of Virology, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, two of the nation’s leading experts on Canine H3N8 who have been tracking the disease since 2004. Continue reading New canine flu vaccine

Low Cost rabies screen for veterinarians

05 Feb 2009
Dyne Immune, LLC announced their new, portable Rabies RAPIDâ„¢ (Rapid Antibody Portable Immunodetection) Screen, which can detect the presence of rabies in an animal saliva sample within 30 minutes, providing vital information much sooner than traditional testing methods.
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wintertime rabies bait drop

Texas DSHS To Resume Annual Wintertime Rabies Bait Drop Jan. 7

04 Jan 2009
The Texas Department of State Health Services’ annual airdrop of vaccine baits, credited with turning the tide against the spread of rabies strains carried by coyotes and gray foxes, will begin next week. Some 2.9 million baits will be dropped over parts of 41 Texas counties. Continue reading wintertime rabies bait drop

New strain of canine parvo virus

A team of Oklahoma State University (OSU) veterinarians, virologists and pathologists at the Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (OADDL) recently published a paper in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology on their findings from a Canine parvovirus (CPV) study. Led by Dr. Sanjay Kapil, the group is the first to describe the CPV type 2c variant in the United States. Continue reading New strain of canine parvo virus