Dog longevity study; how long do most breeds live

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“Are purebred dogs living longer?”

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Most dog breed club web sites and many dog breed books provide an estimate of how long a particular breed can be expected to live. Actual data about pet dog longevity are surprisingly sparse and widely scattered. This site was created to assemble data and sources in one location, which also allows some interesting analyses.”

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“Variability of longevity among breeds: Longevity varies widely among breeds.”

“Purebred vs mixed-breed longevity. In all studies in which both purebred and mixed-breed dogs are included, mixed-breed dogs live, on average, at least a year longer than purebred dogs.”

Longevity Trends: Temporal data on longevity are sparse and no study has attempted to separate the role of veterinary advances from breed genetics in affecting longevity. From the handful of imperfect studies available, breed longevity appears to be stable or declining in recent years. There is little evidence of improvement.”

“Survey Comparisons: Dogs in UK surveys live about a year longer than the average member of the same breed in USA/Canada surveys.”

Weight and longevity: In general, small dogs live longer than large dogs, but there is great variability within size classes.”