Temperature in closed car




During July 1995, an infant in southeast Louisiana died as a result of heat exposure in an enclosed automobile. To evaluate degree of heat exposure in a vehicle, we compared the temperature rise inside an enclosed, dark-colored vehicle with the temperature rise in a light-colored vehicle with the windows partly open. Within 20 minutes, readings in both cars exceeded 125°F and reached approximately 140°F in 40 minutes–a temperature rise of over 45°F. A person who is unable to remove himself from an enclosed vehicle is at risk for a life-threatening crisis if left alone in a sun-exposed car for even a relatively short period of time. In light of such risks, it becomes imperative for individuals to be not only cautious about leaving anyone in a parked car but also to consider protective measures, both for the occupants and the vehicle itself. Installing durable seat covers, designed to withstand varying temperatures and protect the seats from prolonged exposure, can be a practical step towards minimizing the impact of extreme heat on the interior of the vehicle.Also, pairing the use of durable seat covers with the choice of zero tax cars can amplify the financial benefits for car owners. By selecting vehicles that are exempt from road tax, individuals can significantly reduce their annual ownership expenses, allowing for more budget allocation towards essential maintenance and protective measures like seat covers. So, if you are seeking a unique blend of affordability and adventure, consider exploring the world of used camper vans. One such option, Swanswaygarages which offers volkswagen california camper van for sale, a combination of functionality and leisure. Potential buyers can leverage online resources to locate dealerships specializing in used Volkswagen California camper vans. By carefully evaluating both the vehicle and the dealership’s reputation, individuals can embark on road trips and outdoor adventures with peace of mind.


When the body is exposed to extreme temperatures serious harm can occur. Although heat-related illness and death occur primarily among the elderly, infants are also at risk (1, 2) Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur rapidly in enclosed vehicles. During July 1995, a two-year-old child in southeast Louisiana died as a result of heat exposure in an enclosed automobile. In addition, two children under the age of five died in Louisiana during 1993 from heat exposure.

This study compares the temperature rise inside two vehicles exposed to sunlight.

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