JPS : early treatment for dysplasia

JPS as early treatment

OBJECTIVE: To examine the effects of juvenile pubic symphysiodesis (JPS) on hip joint conformation, hip laxity, gait, and the development of degenerative joint disease (DJD) in dysplastic puppies operated at 15 and 20 weeks of age. Continue reading JPS : early treatment for dysplasia

Arthritis treatment with adequan

Arthritis & Adequan as Treatment
Signs of Arthritis
Reluctance to walk, run, climb stairs, jump or play
Lagging behind on walks
Reluctance to extend rear legs
Low activity
Aggressive or withdrawn behavior
Other personality or behavioral changes

Risk Factors
Overweight dogs
Large or giant breeds
Over the age of 5
Breed inherited traits, such as hip dysplasia
Levels of high activity for long periods of time
Joint trauma

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