Canine Influenza Maryland 2013

Canine influenza was reported in Montgomery County, Maryland, 21 Aug
2013, with an initial 6 cases reported and 2 fatalities. As of one
week later, up to 20 total cases have been reported in the county.

The virus subtype is likely to be H3N8 as subtypes detected previously
in the US have been H3N8; however, there is an H3N2 canine influenza
of avian origin circulating in China and Korea currently, and further
subtype testing is needed to determine the subtype of these Maryland
cases. Subtyping of the current virus is still pending and will take
up to 2 to 3 weeks, based on early reports from Cornell Diagnostic
Laboratory and Iowa State University conducting viral isolation on

Whatever the subtype, strict isolation of dogs with influenza like
signs and cleaning and disinfection of all canine influenza virus
(CIV) contaminated areas are the most important steps to control the
spread of CIV. CIV is very contagious. Dogs that have become infected
with CIV are ones that have been in very close contact (kennels, doggy
day care facilities, dog parks, and shows).

To report cases of disease, contact:
In domestic animals: MDA Animal Health Program Office, 410-841-5810