Finding on use of gastropexy for dog owners:

In a study of 1,920 dogs at risk the following recommendations can be made regarding prophylaxis for bloat:

1 – with prophylactic gastropexy; after an episode of bloat, gastropexy decreased GDV recurrence by 95%. We would consider it to be just as effective as a preventive measure on dogs at risk for GDV (ie; all deep- chested dogs, dogs with first degree relatives with GDV) You should go to a veterinary surgeon to perform the surgery as many vets do this procedure regularly. Also these dogs should be sterilized to prevent passing on bloat risk to their progeny.

2 -Add Simethicone to each feeding (adult human dose)

I believe if the risk of GDV developing in a dog’s lifetime is high, then it is appropriate for owners and veterinarians to consider performing a prophylactic gastropexy (a surgical procedure to prevent the stomach from rotating) in order to prevent a first episode of GDV from occurring. However, I would not recommend that prophylactic gastropexy be done unless the dog were surgically neutered, so as not to increase the pool of dogs in a breed that are prone to develop GDV. Persons considering prophylactic gastropexy for their dog should discuss the procedure with their veterinarian and with owners of dogs that have had this procedure.

To find a veterinarian in your state who performs this surgery I would search for : Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon (your state). Unfortunately, the American College of Veterinary Surgeons does not at this time have a complete listing of Certified surgeons by state.

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