Cushings disease

Cushing’s Disease Very thorough website:
One of the most common endocrine disorders in dogs. Higher in poodle, dachshund, Boston terrier, boxer, beagle.
In general a disorder of middle-aged dogs although can be seen in dogs as young as one year.
Signs: increased thirst and urination, pot-bellied appearance, hair loss, tiredness, muscle weakness, obesity, panting. Frequently signs are attributed to ‘normal’ aging.
Diagnosis; CBC, Biochem. panel, urinalysis. Occasionally abdominal x-rays or ultrasonography.
Treatment; Mitotane or Ketoconazole.
Prognosis: Depending on the problem, the signs can resolve within several days to months. If left untreated, poor prognosis. If treated most patients have average survival of 2 years with 10% surviving 4 years.<