Police K-9 bldg search

The building search is one of the most important functions performed by the patrol dog. The dog is performing the search under conditions that are very dangerous for the handler and is extremely dangerous for non canine personnel. Continue reading Police K-9 bldg search

Dominate or lead?

Should We Dominate Our Dogs, Or Lead Them? by Stephen C. Rafe
The concept of dominance and submissiveness in dogs has been debated widely by behaviorists, ethologists, and trainers, throughout the world. And there are almost as many definitions for each term as there are participants in the debate.
A Good Concept
I support the concept, but prefer the term “subordinance” over “submissiveness” because it conveys status or rank and is more clear-cut than “submissiveness,” which is an attitude and attitudes are more vulnerable to interpretation. I believe we should examine a canine’s standing in the pack separately from the behaviors it shows in occupying that position. Continue reading Dominate or lead?