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  • Hoover

Hoover D. Fila Brasileiro, RIP in 2011 at 11 years old, formidable to strangers til the end. Courage, Character and Loyalty the defining characteristics of the Fila. Health problems for Hoover: hypothyroid, IBD, slight arthritis in right shoulder. Great hips (PennHip).


Rhett Butler, the southern gentleman. Bloodhound/Bluetick Coonhound. Born 2/14/03 Loves tracking sports, lounging around, and getting skunks, gophers, chickens who invade his space.


Stormy D. Neapolitan Mastiff, RIP 2009 at 6 years old, to osteosarcoma. Loyal and kind, without any bad habits, but health problems (bilat TPLO, IBD )


Pikachu D. Aussie -mix, another dog that could do wrong. RIP in 2009 at 14 y/o. Hemoangiosarcoma. The perfect companion for many years.


Sadik D. Kangal-Boerbel cross. Born August 2009. Very wolf-y behaviors; independent, unafraid, protective. Confident guardian, loving and attentive to us. See Andrew Johnston Essays for background.


20 + years of hybrids, last one passed away 12/2010. Too hot in the desert southwest to continue this tradition here.


Athena D. Dane, Atlas D. Wolfhound, Ludicrous D. Beagle along with Pikachu, Rhett, Stormy and Hoover, playing in cars in great settings.


Little Sadik the rescue puggle just a year old and a fun-loving little guy. Got Dog-of-the-month in his doggie day care in August.