Tick Paralysis story

Tick Fever…. Something to know if you have dogs

This past Saturday a.m., my 5 year old Tibbie “Tami” was paralyzed in her rear legs when she woke up. They just were collapsed under her. I rushed her to the vet & he was able to get deep pain response from both back feet,
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Tick resources

Ticks as Predators

Ticks don’t fly, and they don’t blow in the wind. They live in tall grass and either crawl up or fall onto their hosts. People who spend lots of time outdoors in the summer are generally told to avoid ticks by wearing long clothing or spraying on lots of bug repellent, but Dr. Thomas Mather (Tick Encounter Resource Center, University of Rhode Island) says neither is the best method of protection. Continue reading Tick resources

Dogs and Ticks

A tick-free dog is a healthy dog.Learn more than you wanted to know about tick disease, prevention, treatment from this great educational website: http://www.dogsandticks.com/index.html

“Ticks can be present any where from the deep woods to urban parks. This Web site is filled with tips to educate you about Lyme disease and anaplasmosis, as well as other diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes. You’ll find pictures of ticks, information on how to protect your dog from ticks and how to recognize symptoms of tick disease in dogs. With tick education and awareness, you can help keep your best friend happy and healthy.” Continue reading Dogs and Ticks

Roundworms hookworms -parasite information

Parasitic Disease Information CDC links

Guidelines for Veterinarians: Prevention of Zoonotic Transmission of Ascarids and Hookworms of Dogs and Cats

Also available as a Acrobat PDF (393 KB, 12 pages)

Ascarids and Hookworms
Zoonotic Transmission and Human Disease
The Public Health Problem
Veterinarians Can Help Prevent Human Disease
Preventive Anthelmintic Treatment
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