Recommended websites list

There are 1000’s of websites about dog training, positive training, health and healthcare  and behavior.  Here are some sites that  offer free articles, ideas, information and research on healthcare as well as reference materials.
Dr Jean Dodds DVM, foremost expert on vaccine, diet, thyroid issues
Essays on dogs, dog breeding, our relationships to dogs independent dog food information and reviews.  To look up a specific food alphabetically, click
The very best kidney disease (renal disease) website, with links, medication information, diet proposals. Very helpful for anyone wanting more information on these disorders in dogs or cats.
No ads, no selling, information written by a vet with 30 years experience. Covers a wide variety of problems with dogs and cats. Old style site but good information.
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Companion animal Parasite council website has interactive maps of parasite prevalence, expert articles and a resource library as well as recommendations.

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Recommended books

Bones would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier; if you only can buy one book to improve your relationship with your dogs, this should be it. Stories, anecdotes and lessons that will help deepen your understanding of the other species we like best. about $25 .

The Other end of theLeash by Patricia McConnell; Insight into the dog’s perspective of our behavior. How to be a good dog leader. about $14. Continue reading Recommended books