Inherited Diseases in Dogs : Cambridge University

This web site contains a guide to diseases/conditions of pure bred dogs which are likely to be transmitted wholly or partly through a genetic mechanism.

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The site is not designed as a diagnostic system, and I cannot offer individual veterinary advice. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from one of these conditions, contact your veterinarian. The information in the site is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, but it is necessarily incomplete, and I can give no warranty of accuracy, express or implied. I would be grateful for any corrections, and in particular for information on conditions or references omitted. Please email me with information.

The Inherited Diseases in Dogs Database is compiled by David Sargan. Publications referring to this site should cite Sargan, D.R. IDID: inherited diseases in dogs: web-based information for canine inherited disease genetics. Mamm Genome. 2004 Jun;15(6):503-6.