Canine diversity project

Canine Diversity Project

“The Canine Diversity Project is an attempt to acquaint breeders of domesticated Canidae (dogs) with the dangers of inbreeding and the overuse of popular sires .Both lead to the indiscriminate loss of genetic diversity and increase the frequency of genetic problems in the population. These abuses have not been restricted to dogs, but have also occurred in horses, cattle and many other domestic animals, largely as a consequence of outdated beliefs dating back to the early days of genetics. Even their wild cousins have been the unfortunate victims of genetic malpractice by zoos. Fortunately, zoo biologists have recognized the dangers to these and many other species, and Species Survival Plans have been developed for many.
Though, as a species, Canis familiaris is not endangered, a number of breeds are in as much danger of extinction as some of their wild cousins ..If different varieties of wolves are worthy of preservation, are not the different breeds of domestic dogs equally worthy?
Starting with wolves, and perhaps other related canids, man shaped the dog to his own ends. For several thousand years they have been our companions, helpers and guardians. A dog, treated with a little kindness, will be your friend for life. How do we reward them? By condemning many to a life of pain or an early death due to various inherited diseases ..Do we not owe them more than this? ”

To help breeders and buyers know more about their dogs and breeding please visit the canine diversity website at

Areas covered in the site include:
Genetics for breeders ( a set of articles to learn more )
Closed registries and loss of diversity ( the future of purebred dogs and expansion of the gene pool)
Genetic disease ( dealing with diseases and DNA testing )
Immunity, Fertility, Longevity, Health registries

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